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AAML Publications
Divorce Manual: A Client Handbook

The roadmap of the divorce process
Stepping Back From Anger

Protecting your children during divorce
Making Marriage Last

A guide to preventing divorce

The Bounds of Advocacy

Standards of fair play for laymen & lawyers involved in family law cases

Focus On Forever

Strategies for a satisfying and sSuccessful marriage

Model Parenting Plan

How to structure a parenting plan

What Should We Tell The Children

What separating parties should tell their children

Model Family Law Arbitration Act

A model act for arbitration

Model Relocation Act

A model relocation act

The Voices of Children

Divorce and separation from the children's perspective

Journal of the American Academy of

Matrimonial Lawyers

A semiannual journal devoted to family law

Other Publications

ABA Family Law Quartery Abstracts

Quarterly publication by the American Bar association

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