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To be represented by a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers is to be represented by an experienced and well qualified practitioner in the field of family law. Only 27 South Carolina attorneys have met the stringent admission requirements of the AAML. Nationally there are 1600 attorneys across the United States who have demonstrated the high level of knowledge, skill, professionalism and integrity required to become AAML Fellows.

Family law is both dynamic and complex.   A competent family law attorney must know not only the state divorce laws but also state and federal laws in related fields such as tax, property, estates, retirement and insurance. No area of the law has a greater enduring impact on client lives than that of family law.  Representation by an AAML Fellow is representation by an attorney who has met the stringent standards of AAML membership.

AAML Fellows are also in a position to handle less complex cases on a cost-effective basis. Their experience and concentration in family law allow AAML Fellows to manage their law practices very efficiently and to charge reasonable and competitive fees while providing the quality of legal representation.

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